• At Ascari we firmly believe in operating in a low-key manner in the background for our customers. That thread runs throughout the company from the management to our web portal. Many a time we operate unknown in the background in support of our customers. We are here for our customers not to make a display of ourselves. 

  • We are a close group of individuals that run this company and consider ourselves a family we all share the same ethics and principals laid down by our founder.

  • Our KPI’s are second to none in the industry and we take great pride in retaining this achievement. 

  • Ascari are able to provide a service that provides under 60 minutes pick pack deliver (distance conditions apply) 

  • Ascari has developed a scalable model of operating that can be expanded or reduced with little to no notice. 

  • Ascari is able to field drivers & vehicles wherever they are needed at any given time and due to the nature of our business we have them available 24 hour by 7 days.

  • We have consolidated our relationships with our contractors and other transport companies providing us with cost effective transport in any region we need to operate in.

  • We have our own Australian permanent call / processing personnel  that currently look after all our critical business on a 24/7 day basis.

  • The Technology that powers all our systems is designed using only the best and most stable providers with our redundant backups in place insuring that we have a 100% uptime from anywhere we are operating.

  • Our warehouses are secure and all are equipped with remotely monitored CCTV as well as both physical and electronic security.

  • Our staff are all rigorously security checked with ongoing monitoring and every customer has the assurance of complete confidentiality as and when required.

Your goods delivered Secure - Where you need them - When you need them

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