Hi guys, thank you for all your support to the field team everyday... and most especially when we have urgent requests that come your way. Well done Cheers,     ----     Leo  /  Dell EMC  Australia 

Many thanks to you both for last night! I had been waiting 100 days for that time window to replace the part. If not for your intervention, who knows how long I would have had to keep waiting. Love you work!     ----     Andrew McWhinney  /   Dell EMC | Australia

Thx man Thanks for all your help mate     ----     Christopher Demellis  /  Manager, Customer Service Australia & NZ Dell EMC

Your team has done a great job, catching the SPS replacement calls that were assigned to EMC engineers when we had a request for them to go to Unisys. Thank you for all the assistance – it does not go unnoticed.     ----     Steve Holliday  /  Senior Manager, Customer Service Dell EMC | Australia

I just wanted to say thanks for getting us the part delivered so quickly on Monday morning. We know the ETA for the part was 3.45am but I received the part at 2.45am. This was a high severity case with major impact to this customer and that 1 hr early delivery meant we could fix the customer issue that bit early.     ----      Musannif  /  Service Engineer Dell EMC

Ascari is the 4PL who our APJ Partner Teckwah/JNE uses. This was a phenomenal effort and in fact the MD for Ascari was in Sydney and collected the hand carried part to do the last mile delivery. I have also sent a note to the Singapore team as I do not believe there are too many other providers that would have gone above and beyond the way Ascari and team did over the weekend. The young courier did an amazing job ran from the long term parking to the plane with the 30 kg part on his shoulder and QANTAS held the plane for 10 minutes for Ascari so he could get on it Really amazed with the flight (missed the 20:30 transportation flight and Ascari had the courier running through airport terminal to grab the 21:00 flight with the part as a carry-on. Zurich were absolutely amazed how Ascari pulled this off in so little time part was in a data centre in Melbourne at 19:30 and same part getting installed in another datacentre in Sydney at 23:00 same day.​ Thanks again for all your support through this. You are very good at what you do and supply great customer service. I appreciate it very much!


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