Just in Time deliveries

Ascari warehouse and manage your inventory providing your manufacturing facility with the right product as and when required. This frees up your resources with no need to operate expensive warehouses and logistics networks. Ascari provide the inventory to your facility “Just in time”

In-Field Support

We provide a guaranteed onsite delivery service for field technicians 24 hours per day. Ascari securely and confidentially warehouse your inventory where you need it most and our teams will pick pack and meet your teams anytime - anywhere in the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, We provide a guaranteed delivery service 24 hours per day. Ascari can field vehicles and drivers where you need it most and our teams will do everything from picking packing to delivering to any site in the world.

Time sensitive and Specialty services

There is no shipping challenge that is too difficult to handle and no shipment requirement that is too complicated. Anything from the smallest to largest including medical - engineering - documents - jewellery etc. Every urgent shipment is picked up 24/7 and expedited at every possible point along the route. Ascari confidentially plan and monitor progress of every critical shipment, keeping your goods secure at every stage along the route, and is always on the lookout to deal with any last minute change or requests. Each package is assigned a unique route to guarantee delivery that is secure and counted by hours or minutes, not days.

Guaranteed 2 hour Pick/Pack and Deliver Service

Ascari offer a Guaranteed 2 hour service 24/7 within a set radius of our warehouses. Timed from order receipt till Proof of delivery received. This is a specially designed service for the super critical categories housed with Ascari.

Next Flight Out (NFO)

Super-Fast, From Anywhere to Anywhere, 24 Hours a Day, 365 Days a Year. Ascari plans each route per customer requirements, picks up 24/7 and tracks the shipment progress at each transfer stage with human interface at critical junctures insuring both confidentiality and security of your goods. When time and mission critical logistic requirements need shipments delivered within hours or minutes, not days, Ascari offers one of the most reliable service in the market.

Safe Hands (courier accompanied)

You don’t have to sacrifice the chain of custody to ensure your most urgent shipments get where they need to be on time. Your shipments may be lifesaving. They may be extremely valuable, highly confidential, or critical to your supply chain. Regardless of why, we understand that your shipments are urgent and often sensitive. They require special handling and the greatest care to ensure they arrive securely and on time, while maintaining strict confidentiality of every shipment. Ascari provides dedicated courier services to safeguard your deliveries and avoid potential delays. They are hand carried by our courier that personally escorts and delivers your package directly to the recipient. Delays are all but eliminated since our courier can simply walk your shipment on to another flight if necessary, as well as manage customs clearance for you any time of the day or night.


Your goods delivered Secure - Where you need them - When you need them

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